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Publication Ethics

We at Index of Sciences Ltd. Strive to maintain ethical standards for publication and ensure we maintain high quality scientific publications and gain trust from the public for these scientific publications.

Article Assessment

All the submitted manuscripts will be sent for blind peer review in order to maintain the scientific standards. If the article is approved by the editor, the submission will be then published in our journal. We will publish the reviewer comments if the article is approved or rejected.

Our editorial team will occasionally seek advise from experts in the respective fields for the submissions with serious ethical, security, biosecurity or social implications. Once we get acceptance from at least two editors, we will publish the manuscript.


We check every submission for Plagiarism. Authors must not use, figures, words and other materials from other sources. If you intended to use some info, it should be properly cited to the original source.

Index of Sciences will use leading software’s to check for Plagiarism. Any submissions which are found to have been plagiarized from other manuscripts will be rejected.

Duplicate Submissions

We only accept original content i.e., content that is not published in any other sources. The manuscripts submitted to Index of Sciences, must not be submitted elsewhere or should withdraw their submissions before submitting them to Index of Sciences.

 If the authors have used their own published work, or the work which is currently under review should properly cite them in their submitted manuscript. If they wanted to use their previous work’s tables or figures, they should give an explanation about how this is different from their previous work.

Redundant Publication, or splitting a study into multiple manuscripts (also known as salami slicing) may result in rejection of your submission. Duplicate submission of the same article will not be accepted.

Citation Manipulation

Authors should not use inappropriate citations whose main purpose is to increase citations to a given author’s work or to articles published in a specific journal.

Even, Editors and Reviewers should not ask the author to include citations of their work.

Fabrication and Falsification

Authors should not use fabricated or falsification images or figures in the manuscript. This may result in rejection of your article and also may result in retraction of your previously published articles too.

Authorships and Acknowledgements

We will follow ICJME guidelines for authorships and Acknowledgements. All the listed authors must contribute a significant scientific work for the submitted manuscript. It is imperative that you must include all the authors who have made significant contribution to the research.

If anyone who is not an author but had contributed to the research must be acknowledged by seeking their permission.   

Submissions by anyone other author’s will not be considered for publishing.

Conflict of Interest

Authors must include conflict of Interest in their submitted manuscripts. Whether they have any influence or not, it must be declared and it may not prevent It from being published in our journal.

The authors must follow the guidelines from ICMJE and WAME.

Conflicts include Financial, Affiliations, Intellectual property, Personal, Ideology and Academic.


Authors must include all the potential conflict of interests in “Conflict of Interest” in the manuscript. If there are no conflicts, they should state, that there are no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper. The author who submitted the paper is responsible for all the co-authors mentioned in the paper.

 Authors must declare conflict of interests regarding Financial, Affiliations, Intellectual property, Personal, Ideology and Academic.

If there are any conflicts are declared, it shall be reviewed by editors and reviewers.


 Editors and Reviewers must decline to review the manuscript if they

  • Have any recent work with any of the author in the submitted manuscript
  • Share or recently had affiliation with any of the author
  • Recently collaborated with the author
  • Have a close personal connection with the author
  • Have financial interest in the subject of the work

Reviewer must declare any conflicts of interests which shall be reviewed by the editors.

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